Plane Talk
#2 in a Flight of Four.  I don't care who ya are: that stuff's FUN!​​

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm not really a 'cyber-space' ​​kinda guy, actually more like meat-and-potatoes, but this is a pretty good way to communicate with the friends I've made over the years while writing for aviation magazines.  I'm lucky: There are a lot of very nice people in aviation and it's been my good fortune to meet and become friends with many of you.
The plan for the website, like me, is pretty simple. Aviation oriented (obviously),  it includes some words for entertainment, some pictures (both yours and mine) and some books (available from to ponder. And I'll try to change it up from time to time 1) since I can and 2) to add to the variety that is aviation.

Thanks again for stopping by.  "Ring me up" (old term, I know) if you are so moved. I answer my mail.  (If you don't hear back from me it probably went to your junk mail.) Meanwhile, all best wishes and good flyin' to you, m'friends!

                                                                                    Lauran Paine, Jr.​


Yet another really fun one to fly.......