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This is the little book that could.  Could what?  Start me writing.  I was flying along in my airliner, skimming the tops of some clouds, when I reached down and wrote on the back of a Jeppessen change envelope, "The tops of bumpy clouds are bumpy."  Pretty profound, huh!  And then, over the course of the next year, I wrote a bunch more quotes which eventually became, well, this book. 

In 1993 I took the quotes to a printer and he printed like. We printed 500 copies and I sold them at my airline.  They sold-out in three weeks. From that beginning the writing began. Funny how life works sometimes, but it's been fun. And the "little book that could" is now in it's fifth ....and newly formatted.....printing.   

                        600 quotations
                             80 pages

          Also available in digital format for 
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Plane Talk

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​​This is my latest effort.  2010 to be exact. It is a compilation of many of my columns from the last ten years of writing for EAA's "Sport Aviation" and "Pilot Getaways."  The chapters were basically selected by readers. These are your favorites:  "Teaching Your Son to Fly;" "Small Airport America;" "An Airplane Loved;" "Fighter Flyin';" "Round Motor Classic;" "Father;" "First Flight;" "68-C;" "Because We Fly;" "Happiness Is;" "Flying Buddy;" "Milestone;" "The Brotherhood;" "Flying for Fun." And many more.

Pure and simple, this is aviation from the heart.  It's fireside reading for the pilot.

                              49 chapters
                               217 pages

             Also available in digital format for
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This book happened almost by chance.  My bride and I were wandering the aisles in a bookstore and came upon a section labeled "Women's Issues."  In it were lots of books. In jest I blurted, "Where's the section on "Men's Issues?'" My bride said, "Let's look."  So we no avail.  No such section. No such books.  So then she said, "Why don't you write one?"

This is the one I wrote.

The chapters?  Man things:  "Hardware Stores;" "Tractors;" "Barber Shops;" "Pickup Trucks;" "Man Shopping" (very short chapter); "Asking for Directions" (why men don't need to); "Meat Loaf Sandwich;" "Camping;" "Football;" "Tool Boxes;" "Things Men Can't Do" (there's two things); and, yup, a chapter on "Rules About Women" (no'll just have to read it).  And lots more. 

This book will make you smile...then it will make you laugh.  
                      ​​     $10.00
                       40 chapters
                        158 pages

This is a precious book.....even if I am biased.

My bride wrote it. 

Here's the deal:  My Dad had a sister; he would start to tell us about her, "I had a sister, Nancy..." and then his voice would trail off and no more words would be spoken.  That's all we ever knew of her, that he "had a sister."

In 2001, when my Dad passed on, we found the rest of the the bottom right hand drawer of his desk:  Nancy's diary.  The story lay dormant, too painful to talk about,  for seventy years, the last fifty probably in that bottom desk drawer. Reading it was a journey of discovery.

But the diary is more than just one family's discovery.  It is a journey, a glimpse, into the life of a fifteen year old girl in 1930... .the last year of her life.   Her zest, her feelings, her loves, carry a special cogency.  So much of what she felt then is still being felt today.  Her story is free at last.

                        w/pictures and illustrations
                                126 pages
This is Cascade Publishing's latest release. And just FYI, it's political. If politics is not your cup of tea, this book is not for you.  However, if you are a follower of political events--  or an "armchair quarterback" --you'll get a kick out of this book. I say that because I have been privy to a lot of world problems being solved by Airport Bums  sitting on the wooden park bench in my hangar!

The book is in the form of quotes and narratives, e.g., "If you pay as you go, you don't burden the next generation."   It's about politics, politicians, journalists, the mainstream media, liberals, conservatives, the taxpayer, and a whole lot more. Most everyone involved in the political equation is included.  It's actually quite powerful in it's simplicity! 

Like it says in the subtitle, there are a lot of "points to ponder."  It's really quite thought provoking.

Harley Schmidlap is a blue-collar guy--  not a politician or an academic  --who calls it like he sees it.
                        195 pages
          Also avialable in digital format for
                $4.99 from
No longer in print, this book is available only by snail-mail from Cascade Publishing,  ​PO Box 5853, Salem, OR 97304. Just include a check for ten-bucks for each book; shipping and handling are free.

This is one of my father's books.  He was a very independent fella and a bit of a character. His books reflect that.

​​My father was a prolific writer. Writing is what he did.  He wrote somewhere in the vicinity of 1000 books. But first he was a wrangler and a rancher. Most of his books were Westerns because that's what he knew.  He lived what he wrote about. For that reason, I suppose, his descriptions of landscape and character are both vivid and accurate. That and clear plots of right vs. wrong (read: frontier justice) make his books good reading.

​(Yes, I'll admit to being biased.)

The movie "Open Range" (w/Kevin Costner, Robert Duvall and Annette Bening) was based upon his book "The Open Range Men."​​​ It's rough and tumble and gripping. And it was well attended, winning several awards.

As you can imagine, his books are available in many places but is probably as good a place to start  as any if you'd like one. ​​

(And, just FYI, my father did not like airplanes but he tolerated me liking them.)​​