Plane Talk
Okay, here's where we can have some fun.  If you have a couple minutes and want to read some "aviation stuff," this is the page.  And here's the deal:  The links below are basically unedited, "raw data" in other words, like before the editors clean up my dangling participles.  (I don't even know what dangling participles are...which is why they have to clean them up).  In other words, what you see is what you get. For example, take "Buffalo Airways":  What I sent Sport Aviation was 7700 words....lots of good stuff up there in Yellowknife, a story under every rock; what you read in the magazine was about 3500 words, edited for space.  And I understand all that; it's the way of  "the magazine world."  But for grins, click on the links below and read the stuff just like it comes "right off the farm."  


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   ​This is me and Nez on the day we met in 2020.

        He is a fine and focused young man. ​​
 This is a story I have to share. It has not   yet been published in any magazine. It is   just for you and me. I'm impressed by   this young man. I think you will be, too.  
                     Joel, Lauran and Nez​