Plane Talk
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Okay, this page is just for fun:  random shapshots, yours and mine. 

Right out of the scrap book:  one proud puppy! 

Garden City Aero,
 Reid-Hillview Airport, 
San Jose, California

      A long time ago but seems like yesterday.
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Air Force pilot training......1966-67.
 Now that was one damn lotta fun!
Check out my buddy, Jack.  That's him above: US Navy SNJ flight instuctor in WWII.  To the right, umpteen years later, that's him in the RV-4 he built.  That's what you call "love of flight."
What happens when your wingman leaves.
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Y'all eagle-eyed people know what this is, right?         I thought so.      
(Wanna know what my computer mouse pad looks like?  You're lookin' at it.)
Here's my epicenter:  pretty bride of fifty-four years and three of our four grandkids (another granddaughter has arrived since this was taken).  There's lots of fun and games in this group!
Okay, so check this out!  The KC Flight RV Formation Team did a fly-over for a Monday Night football game, with 70,000 people in the stadium and millions more watching on TV. Now that's showcasing experimental aviation! 
 Aviation offers such a wonderful spectrum of experiences.  Take this one:  Flying their Champ out of Oakdale Airport (O27) in Central California, James and Hazel snapped this picture on the occasion of their 54th Christmas Eve together, the shadow of their airplane circled by rainbow colors. That's the magic of flight: joy, freedom, wonder, happiness, beauty....all of the above.  This picture says it all and I thank them for sharing..